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Should I be Working?




 Were you recently hired and need some tips on what to do next?  Are you ready to start applying for jobs?  Or simply want tips on to start making money?  Browse through our series for information that can help.



Job Personality

Thinking of getting a job?  Use the guidebooks below to understand what type of job fits you best, so you can be on your way to making your wallet happy


Job Search 

Decided to start working?  Use the guidebooks below to help you find a job and make your wallet happy!


On the Job

Already working?  Great!  If not, it's still important to know what it takes to keep a job. The guides below will give you the tools you need to keep your wallet happy!


Making My Own Job

Entrepreneurship been in your thoughts recently?  Use guidebooks below to learn the pros and cons of working for yourself versus working for someone else...and keep your wallet happy!


Tackling Taxes

Starting a new job? EXCITING!! And maybe a little overwhelming. Use the guidebooks below to gain the tools you need to "Tackle Taxes" and keep your wallet happy!

Tackling Taxes FrontPage

For Educators

Educator Guide pdf



For Youth

English pdf



Youth Media

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